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With the Club’s early past somewhat in obscurity and having no proper documented evidence, it is difficult to really outline its humble beginnings.

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Dear Members and Families,

Greetings to you from the General Committee and congratulations to those who are on track with the realisation of their resolutions made on 1st Jan. Those who feel lagging in this respect, don’t despair, take heed that there is still a good five months left in the year to go after your targets.

Our Club’s Half Year Accounts were out in July and we are pleased to report that they are in good state with expenditure well within budget, and no necessary activity or work curbed. Income is only 92% of the proportionate six-month budget, mainly because we have not received the 7 additional slot machines yet. Thus the expected income from this source hasn’t materialised yet. Therefore expenditure at 90% of the proportionate budget clearly reflects our prudent policy of spending in line with the income. Credit is due to the Treasurer Mr. Gopala Kirishan for his vigilance.

Members must remember the 3 Capex Project proposals approved at the last AGM. With just 3 months since the AGM, two of the projects are well underway. The Computer Software Upgrade contract was signed with ACSUSS Technology Sdn. Bhd. in early July after the Sub-Committee with the President, Vice-President and the Treasurer negotiated down the RM120k price (quoted in the AGM Report) to RM90k for the six programmes chosen. The VP, Mr. Ramesh Kumar, oversees the installation and staff training. The project to Renovate the Toilets at the Wet Dining took off in the second week of July and will see completion by end of August. We have also taken this opportunity to upgrade the single male and female toilets at the MPH1 Meeting Room.

The Sports Committee Chairman Mr. Baskaran and his team did a great job ensuring the Inter-Club Games with Malacca Club on 3rd July were successfully concluded. All 5 games were well participated from our side with a total of about 60 players, who together with Malacca’s contingent of 50 players and supporters enjoyed a sumptuous after-games dinner and fellowship. The interest shown in the games by our senior players like Mr. Robin Jeyasuria (squash) and Mr. Geoffrey Leow (snooker) is most appreciated. We sincerely urge younger members to emulate the exemplary spirit of such players and take up some games in addition to dining and wining at the Club. Needless to say, being able to play a game can be a great form of enjoyment in a long life.

The Hari Raya weekend saw overwhelming patronage at the Club, both by locals and outstation plus affiliated members. We had bands playing for all 3 nights and the sales at the bar and kitchen were brisk. At some points, members and their families/guests had to wait before tables were readied for them, but our staff have handled the huge numbers ably and with minimum disarray. A big Thank You to the crew under the watch of F&B Exec. Mr. Dev and F&B Chaiman Mr. Sushendran

An Idea to place a 40” TV and a CD Player at one end of the Lounge has been discussed by the GC a couple of times. The facility is to serve members’ families who would like to spend time, especially on weekends, watching a movie while their spouse/children are engaged in their own activities. The CDs will be old English Classics (Brando, Hitchcock, Woody Allen, etc.) or recent Oscar Nominees/Winners (12 years a Slave, Dallas Buyers’ Club, etc.) or Documentaries like BBC’s Frozen Planet and Human Planet Series and Comedies like Little Britain and Ealing Studios. The idea will be implemented only if we are sure that members want the facility.

Though the capital outlay for a TV and CD player is not much, it is still unwise to provide a service that does not meet the members’ needs. Of course, certain rules and procedures will apply. So, please drop us an email or give a ring if you consider the idea worthwhile. The facility can be installed in Sept if we get sufficient indication of support from the members.

Our search for a new Catering Contractor, reported in my last Message, ended with putting the current caterer on a fresh seven-month probation ending on 31st Jan16. This was our best option after six weeks of meetings and interviews because as we were checking the credentials of the new applicants (four) and interviewing the short-listed ones (two), the current caterer’s performance took a sharp turn for the better, receiving much positive response from diners. As the prospective candidates interviewed also did not overly impress the GC, we decided to retain the present caterer on a shorter contract to see if he can maintain the improvement and that it is not just a flash in the pan. More than a month since the decision, we remain positive.

Eight ladies and men became members of the Club at the last Induction in early June. Another sixteen new applications have been received in the last 2 months. These applicants will be welcome in the next Induction to be held on 9th Aug. As always, we sincerely appeal to all new members to frequent the Club often and make full use of its facilities. To all regular Clubbers, best wishes for August 15!


Gopalan Sellan,
President, RPDYC.