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Dear Members,

April 2015

Greetings from the Club President and the General Committee.

It is my pleasure once again to bring you abreast of developments in the Club through this alternate-monthly column.

We have stepped into April, the month of our Club’s Annual General Meeting. Please keep Sunday the 19th free to deliberate not only upon the Report & Accounts for 2014 but also the Capex proposals for 2015, the Resolutions and the 2016 Financial Budget. This AGM will not see any contest for the principal office bearers, but three GC members’ posts and the Commodore’s will be up for election. Let us look forward to another forum of fruitful debate and felicitous comradeship.

As for the month that went by, the Club was honoured by the presence of our Royal Patron and Her Royal Highness at the Patron’s Ball on 7th Mar. Many members took the opportunity for an audience with the Patron after the formal dinner. Ladies particularly enjoyed the line-dancing with Her Highness to the music of the 4-piece band, Zodiac. Several past Presidents, the District Officer, the Superintendent of Police, the Yang DiPertua of MPPD, the Club’s Legal Advisor, Disciplinary Committee Chairman, all sports convenors and almost all Sub-Committee members graced the auspicious event. The Entertainment Chairman Lt. Col. Joseph and Madam Nanda who excelled as the Emcee for the night, deserve our compliments.

The Chinese New Year Dinner and Show, planned for 14th Mar, however, did not materialise due to poor response. Another major function in town that targeted the same group was partly the reason.

On 24th Mar. all our staff celebrated their Annual Staff Day with a trip to Cameron Highlands in two buses. The GM who accompanied the group reports that the Hill Resort still retains its cold charm and that overall the staff and their families enjoyed the overnight outing.

End-Mar also saw the final trip home by the last 2 Nepalese waiters (from the original batch of 10) after serving at the Club for some 8 years. They were good workers who were well liked by the staff and members alike. We wish them well at their home ground. As replacement, the Admin is working on the recruitment of 4 Kerala boys who did their training stint with us last year.

Good news for those who regularly stay in our Chambers! Last month the TVs in the 8 rooms were equipped with selected ASTRO channels. Only TV1, 2 and a few other local channels were accessible till now and the reception was never satisfactory. Our Office, with the Treasurer Mr. Gopala Kirishan’s assistance, was able to secure the ASTRO service by re-negotiating the existing package for the Bar and Dining TV screens to include the Chambers as well. Initial one time outlay was RM9,500/=. Henceforth, monthly subscription will be only RM500/= a month, whereas we were paying RM2,200/= quarterly until last month.

Additional upgrades planned for the Chambers include replacing one of the single beds in each room with a Queen size Double Bed.

First week of Apr will witness the arrival of the new equipment for the Gym Extension. Five items – one unit Multi Station, a Treadmill, a Recumbent Bike, a Spinning Bike and one unit Rower – were all bought from Universal Fitness & Leisure Sdn. Bhd. for RM69,040/= with a satisfactory discount and a written commitment for regular after-sales service. The new and the existing equipment will be distributed between the 2 Gym areas as per the wishes of the Sub-Committee.

Not so good news for the tennis group - Court no. 4 (upstairs) will have to be closed indefinitely as it has to undergo some inspections into the problem of rain water leakage through its cement floor. The suspected leakage has been weakening the under surface of the court floor which constitutes the roof surface of the premises below, i.e. the office, gym, shower rooms, etc. The construction is some 27 years old. For a while now we have witnessed the concrete roof at the said premises chipping off here and there exposing the iron reinforcement bars as can be noticed above the squash court corridor. The Sports Chairman, Mr. Anthonysamy, had a meeting with the Convenor and the Tennis Coaches where it was decided to close the court for a thorough inspection, and for a lasting solution, to get a Civil Engineer’s services to advise the Club on the problem. Members’ input on this matter is most welcome.

The Social Committee, under Mdm Nanda Kumari, has scheduled its second Children and Parents Get-together Event on 12th Apr. When I last checked, Sub-Committee members were busy planning the array of games, activities, prizes and refreshments for the day. Mums please take note. The event is organised also for the ladies to get to know one another as frequenters of the same club.

The Club’s Computer System’s service providers, after about 10 years with us, have given us notice, withdrawing themselves by year-end. We have to look for alternatives and also consider other initiatives like upgrade of the whole system in view of the long span on the present one. More on this subject is to be discussed at the forthcoming AGM.

Lastly, in the Feb column I mentioned that the beer brewers had increased the prices in Dec 2014, but we will not pass on the increase to the members until Mar when a review will be done. We did the review at the last GC meeting on Mar 27th and found that with the introduction of GST, the beer prices might actually come down. What a miracle! It appears that some current sales taxes, much higher than 6%, may be abolished when GST is applied. Perhaps the beer fans will be amongst the tiny group of Malaysians to enjoy the glint of a rare silver lining in the dark clouds of GST. We shall continue drinking at the prevailing prices until the pictures get clearer.

Happy Clubbing!

Gopalan Sellan,
President, RPDYC.